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RLA | Relation Lighting Agency

  • RLA | Relation Lighting Agency

RLA is Proud to Represent!

In keeping with RLA’s eternal dedication to working with only the very best in our industry RLA is very proud to announce NEW partnerships with THREE outstanding manufacturers:

RLA selectively represents only time-tested, industry-proven, manufacturers that ensure every product and service they provide adheres to the highest standards expected by working professionals today.

We care, we are specific, and we are dedicated to your success.

CHAINMASTER has been a world leader in the development and production of industry proven chain hoists for over 25 years. ChainMaster offers electric chain hoists according to D8 and D8Plus standards and C1 SIL 3 systems that can be tailor-made for your special projects.

COLORONIX with 25 years’ experience in traditional architectural lighting with brand partners LITON and ModuLED, Coloronix emerges to provide colorful & intelligent architectural illumination by bringing color-changing technology to architectural lighting and fixture design.

GIG GEAR provides professionals in the touring, live event, theater, film & television industries with intelligently designed products to make their jobs safer and more efficient. Products like: Gig Gloves, Tablet & Tool Harnesses, ‘Drop Stop’ tethers, and other innovative solutions for the most important component in all areas of production – THE HUMAN ONE.


“Designed by those who’ve done it, for the ones getting it done!”

RLA is a Manufacturers Rep Agency based in Los Angeles, CA and is also proudly partnered with ELATION PROFESSIONALRLA is looking forward to future growth with complimentary, select partners in service of the lighting and production industries.



Elegant. Powerful. Dynamic. Safe. Precise. These are the hallmarks of CHAINMASTER's Electric Chain Hoists, a testament to the company's commitment to excellence in the entertainment industry. With a legacy stretching over 25 years, CHAINMASTER has solidified its position as a world leader in the development and production of electric chain hoists and controllers, tailored to withstand the rigors of daily stage use. CHAINMASTER's dedication to individualized customer support extends from meticulous planning to implementation and comprehensive user training. A global network of consulting offices, commercial partners, and trained service companies ensures an unparalleled after-sales service experience. With approximately 125,000 electric chain hoists in operation worldwide and a presence in 55 countries, CHAINMASTER's impressive portfolio of projects showcases their expertise and the trust that industry giants place in their products. The company's success is driven by a highly motivated and skilled team, working in state-of-the-art facilities to deliver products of unmatched quality, ensuring that every customer receives the full benefit of CHAINMASTER's expertise from start to finish.


Coloronix is a distinguished leader in the architectural lighting industry, leveraging over 25 years of expertise from its brand partners, Liton and ModuLED, to innovate and inspire. The company specializes in colorful architectural illumination, integrating entertainment-based color-changing technology into architecturally appealing fixture designs. This unique approach allows Coloronix to offer vibrant and dynamic lighting solutions that enhance both indoor and outdoor environments. Operating from its assembly plant in the greater Los Angeles area, Coloronix is committed to efficiency and quality, providing quick turnaround times for high-volume orders. Their products are manufactured off-shore and assembled in the USA, ensuring both speed and reliability in delivery.


Gig Gear LLC is focused on providing professionals in the touring, live event production, theater, and film & television industries with intelligently designed products to make their jobs safe and more efficient. Gig Gear's first product line, Gig Gloves, offered an innovative solution for working professionals to protect their hands properly while on the job and cemented Gig Gear’s reputation as an industry leader. Gig Gear continues to focus on innovation for the most important component in all areas of production - the human one.

Gig Gear. Designed By People, For People, Who Do Gigs.


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